Infinite control systems with cameras, security personnel, safes, hidden rooms … It looks like a movie, right? The truth is that these security systems are present in most casinos in the world. That bet casino malaysia the case, who would dare challenge them and steal this coveted money?

Well, we have made a list of the most iconic casino robberies in our history to know that not all robberies were the same and that they did not all end the same. Are you already curious? Read a little more …

The enemy at home

This is the story of someone nice, friendly and ordinary who decides to rob a casino . Bill Brennan was a simple sportsbook teller at the renowned Las Vegas casino, Stardust One day at lunchtime, the harmless Brennan came out with a lunch bag containing half a million dollars in cash and tokens and never went back to work. 25 years later, his whereabouts are unknown. The gossips claim that a casino player convinced him to steal the money and then killed him.

Love can do everything, or so they say. But we already know that “lucky in love or in the game” is a mantra that seems to be repeated. This is how Roberto Solís, a well-known thief, murderer, and poet, met Heather Tallchief upon his release from prison in 1992. Solís convinced Tallchief to get a job at a security company and they both plotted Heather’s robbery of a casino in Las Vegas. After stealing nearly $ 3 million, they fled together. And although Tallchief surrendered in 2005, Solís is still on the run from justice. Tallchief confessed that Roberto brainwashed him and that he had not seen him again since the day he found out he was going to be a father. Quite a romantic!

Honor guest

We all know what the Bellaggio is for Las Vegas. The largest casino in sin city. Who would even dare to think of stealing a token in such a controlled environment? Tony Carleo, at just 29 years old, rode a motorcycle and with his helmet on and a gun robbed 2 casinos in Las Vegas. Until he lost everything and had to go back to robbing other casinos, including the Bellaggio, late at night with little security at the tables. Carleo was not discovered at that time and began to spend large sums of money with the stolen chips, which caught the attention of the large casino, which decided to offer him a luxurious stay in the casino so that he could continue gambling. The detective who handled the robbery case,

There are no two without three

The day Reginald Johnson was sentenced to 130 years for robbing the Treasure Island casino 3 times, the thief couldn’t stop laughing as he gazed at his image on the casino security videos. This individual robbed the casino on two occasions, until the third time the security cameras managed to show his image clearly and he was caught shortly after achieving his violent objective with which he ended up wounding a casino employee with a bullet.

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